Things To Check Before Buying a Used UTV

Things To Check Before Buying a Used UTV

Finding ways to blow off some steam after a long week at work is important. All work and no play can result in higher-than-normal stress levels and a host of other problems. Spending time in nature is a great way to forget about your worries. If you are looking for a way to ramp up the enjoyment you have when spending time outdoors, then it might be time to invest in a side by side or UTV.

Every year, American consumers spend over $5 billion on UTVs and ATVs. If you are in the market for a UTV and don’t want to spend a ton of money, then buying used is a great idea. Before you invest in a used UTV, be sure to consider some of the following factors.

Take The UTV On a Test Drive

Once you find a used UTV in your price range, you need to schedule an appointment to inspect it thoroughly. When you arrive at this appointment, the first thing you should do is test drive the UTV. There is no better way to find out exactly what a particular side by side has to offer than by hopping behind the wheel and taking it for a spin. As you start to drive a potential UTV purchase, you need to consider things like:
  • The firmness of the brake pedal
  • Check for smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Engine power
  • Engine start time
  • Ride stability
You can decide whether a used UTV is worth the money by paying attention to these factors during your test drive.

Check The Coolant and Oil

Checking the fluids in the engine of a used UTV is also important. When removing the oil dipstick from the engine, you need to pay attention to both the appearance and smell of this essential fluid. If the oil appears to be new but has a burnt smell, it could indicate that serious engine problems are present. This burnt smell often indicates issues with damaged piston rings or cylinder walls.
You also need to check the UTV’s coolant reservoir. Making sure the UTV has the right level of coolant and that it appears clean is important. Coolant problems can severely damage the motor in a UTV, which is why checking it during your inspection is so important.

Assess the Accessories

UTVs are highly customizable due to the extensive array of accessories available for these vehicles. The right accessories add both value and appeal to a UTV. Many UTV owners put larger tires, lights and sound systems in their vehicles. If the UTV you are thinking of buying has accessories, take the time to inspect each one. This will help you figure out if these accessories work and whether they fit your style of riding.
If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching all of your friends ride UTVs, it is time to get one of your own. With our help, you can find a new or used UTV to fit your budget.