2025 Segway Ninebot KickScooter E45

MSRP:   $500


Tishomingo, MS
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Ninebot KickScooter E45
Electric Scooter


The Ninebot KickScooter E45 inherits the classic design of the Ninebot KickScooter series, featuring integrated molding technology and a metal frame with fine-grain sandblast coating. All device components on this electric scooter are smartly integrated into the stem, for a sleek exterior with no visible wiring.

A Ride Designed to Fit Your Needs
Easily switch between the three riding modes of the E45, depending on your needs.

Energy-Saving Mode 9.3 MPH
Longer riding range

Normal Mode 15.5 MPH
Excellent performance in speed and range

Sport Mode 18.6 MPH
Climb faster and accelerate more quickly

Classic Foldable Design
Weighing approximately 30 lbs, the Ninebot E45 features a folding design that makes it easy to carry around or fit nicely in your car’s trunk.

Ultra Lightweight, Ultra Sturdy
The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body of the Ninebot KickScooter E45 offers you one-third the weight of steel, with 1.3 times the strength per unit density! This gives it ultimate portability, weighing in at approximately 30 lbs, and offering you a payload capacity of 220 lbs.

Colorful Atmospheric Lights
The chassis of the Ninebot KickScooter E45 features colorful atmospheric lights, with nine unique flashing effects and tens of thousands of color options. You can easily adjust your display to your liking via the Segway-Ninebot App, for illumination when riding in the dark.

Superior Braking for Safe Riding
In addition to conventional double brakes, the E45 introduces Magnetic Brake Technology which utilizes electromagnetic force for a shorter braking distance of 3.25 ft. You can use the Segway-Ninebot App to adjust your braking levels, for the smoothest possible experience.

Innovative Thread-Locking Technology
The E45’s body utilizes the strictly tested and innovatively designed Thread-Locking Technology used in high-speed bullet trains. After undergoing 6,213 miles of testing, the frame of the E45 is still in tip-top shape.

Premium Battery Power and Management System
With both an internal and external battery system, the Ninebot E45 provides premium shock absorption, flame-resistance, IPX4 waterproof capability, superior reliability, and enhanced endurance. Every Ninebot Kickscooter has Smart Battery Management System technology to protect and extend your KickScooter's life.

  • 9-inch High-Elastic Dual-Density Tires
  • Front Electric Brake + Rear Fender Brake
  • Built-In Front and Rear LED Lights
  • 18.6 mph Max Speed
  • 55-220 lbs (25-100 kg) Payload
  • 28 miles Range
  • 20% Max Slope
  • Inbox Second Battery