2025 Segway KickScooter P65

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Tishomingo, MS
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KickScooter P65
Electric Scooter


With a range of over 40.4 miles, a speed of up to 25 mph, and a power regenerative system, the P65 is the new standard for commuting.
The P65 electric scooter is a premium riding experience with a powerful motor, long range, and outstanding safety and reliability.

All the features of the P65
From its powerful motor and reliable cruising speed to its long commuting range and ultrawide tires, the P65 provides a premium riding experience you don't want to miss.

Protect Your Travel Safety
Double breaking protection and power CrossSeason Tires provide extra grip, stability and tracking, and can withstand multiple punctures without tire deflation, while the intelligent alarm system keeps you safe at all times.

Multifunctional Atmosphere Light
The P65 light includes an alarm system, RGB colors and simultaneous flash with turn signals.

Comprehensive Lighting System
The front LED Light, front and rear turn signal, daytime running light, brake tail light give you 360-degrees of protection.

High-Powered Functionality
The 5V2A output is protected from the rain, allowing it to safely meet the charging demand of digital products during travel.

One-step Folding Mechanism
The P65 is designed to be easily folded and compact enough to carry in seconds.

  • Max speed: 25 mph
  • Typical range: 40.4 miles
  • 10.5-inch Self-sealing Tubeless Tire    
  • Approx. 22% Max Slope
  • Comprehensive lighting system
  • Front wheel dual piston disc brake and rear wheel electronic brake
  • Easy Charging Up to 4 hours
  • 265 lbs Max Payload