Choose The Right UTV With Confidence

If you have been thinking of purchasing a
UTV, you’ve probably noticed there is an abundance of models from which to choose. Comparing and contrasting the different UTV models and their options can be an overwhelming task that brings more confusion than clarity.

Since UTV’s popularity has exploded over the last decade, more and more of these all-terrain vehicles have hit the market, making your options seem endless.
UTV’s, also called Side-by-Sides, differ in brands, models, trim levels, engine sizes, capabilities, prices, and other aspects that affect how you use your new vehicle.

To help streamline your decision-making when purchasing a new UTV, we’ve outlined some fundamental aspects that should be considered when making your choice to eliminate the confusion that comes with buying your UTV. Once you’ve determined the type of UTV that fits your needs, making your purchase will be much more straightforward and rewarding.

Determine How You Will Use Your UTV
Before you start looking at UTV’s, determine how you plan to use the vehicle you purchase. The purpose of your UTV is an essential consideration when making choices of what model to buy.

Some people use UTVs strictly for practical purposes, while others only plan to use theirs for recreation. Some UTV models are specifically designed for specific duties that won’t suit your needs, while others may be more inclusive of various activities.
Your satisfaction with your UTV purchase depends on your understanding of how you will use it.

Utility UTVs
A utility UTV is designed with work in mind. That’s not to say that it can’t be fun to ride around for fun, but a UTV built for work purposes is designed for particular duties. Utility UTVs typically come with beds for carrying loads, tools, and other objects to make jobs more accessible and efficient. These vehicles have the primary purpose of functionality and utility, so high performance in speed and agility won’t necessarily be part of their design.

Recreational UTVs
A recreational Side-by-Side falls in the middle between those built for utility and sport. Recreational UTVs are more focused on performance than function and utility but are not as performance-focused as sport models.  These UTVs have better suspension than utility models and run faster; some even come with a cargo bed. These functions allow you to use a recreational UTV for some light work duties and fun and enjoyment.

Sport (High-Performance) UTVs
If you intend to spend weekends chasing trails and putting your UTV to the test of all-terrain rides, then the sport UTV should be your choice. Sport and high-performance UTVS are big on horsepower, high tech, and built for speed and accuracy in handling. Some of the best sport UTV models have high-revving, high-output engines coupled with aggressive tires and stellar suspension to allow easy handling of jumps and bogs.

Regardless of the model you choose, purchase your UTV from a reputable and professional dealership to ensure your satisfaction and safety.